I Took Soul Drops Sacred Plant Tinctures For 30 Days, And This Is What Happened...

Let me start out by telling you, I am a skeptical person. I'm the kind of person who pushes their mirrors in when they park. When I think of the word magic, the first thing that comes to mind is card tricks.

I meditate, do yoga occasionally, burn a little incense here and there, but that's about it.

About a month ago, I ordered these sacred plant tinctures called "Soul Drops".

I'd seen their ads on Facebook forever, but I wasn't sure about buying sacred plants on the internet. (I think I had a high school friend who took some stuff from the internet, and he fainted or something.)

Anyway, I looked it up, and Soul Drops seemed pretty legit, made in the USA using all-natural stuff. I finally caved when I saw one of their testimonials.

I figured: I'm trapped inside during quarantine, I might as well do some traveling in my head.

I splurged and got the complete set: SOL, LUN, COSMOS & MIND.

I'm going to share how taking Soul Drops felt after day 1, day 5, 10, 15, 20, and then how I felt by day 30.

It was a wild ride, let me tell you. 

Day 1: 

These drops are meant to have a cumulative effect, apparently. Kind of like supplements. You won't feel much different after taking vitamins for one day, right? Same concept here, I think.

I took SOL in the morning and, as instructed, meditated. Nothing too dramatic. I maybe felt a little more light? Not sure.

Then I took MIND throughout the day. I had a productive day overall, but we'll see if it's consistent.

I took LUN at night and COSMOS just before bed. I can't say I felt anything dramatic the first day. But that's what I expected, to be honest.  

Day 5: 

Is this normal? I'm feeling chipper. I don't think I've ever used that word to describe myself before. Weird.

The SOL tincture has definitely helped me go deeper in my morning meditations. Fewer thoughts, more stillness. I can get used to this.

MIND is still subtle; maybe I'll try it without coffee tomorrow.

LUN definitely feels like a warm hug at the end of a long day. It's subtle, but I'm looking forward to the build-up on that one.

I've had INSANE dreams with COSMOS. I'm so charmed that there is a product designed to enhance your dreams. Kooky. 

Day 10: 

Okay, MIND is blowing my mind at this point. Haven't had coffee in three days (that's a big deal for me). No jitters, or crashing and I'm whipping through deadlines.

Usually, staring at a screen for more than an hour crushes me, but with a bit of MIND, I'm off to the races. Still taking all four consistently.

I don't notice anything else huge. I just feel…good. I don't feel like I'm on a substance or hopped up on coffee or anything. I just feel calm and clear. Kind of normal. Or how I'd like normal to be.

I let my roommate try MIND, and now I have to hide it, so she doesn't use it all. 

Day 15: 

Starting to write down the dreams I'm having with Cosmos. I NEVER remembered my dreams before. Now I'm filling pages with them.

This reminds me a lot of when I first started taking a simple multivitamin. I didn't notice anything at first, and then over a little bit of time, I just felt right. In a gentle way, though. That's how I feel now with Soul Drops. Just…good, you know?

Think, soft smile in some sunshine. Think, getting up early and feeling rested. That kind of good. It's very wholesome.

I have a working theory. Soul Drops is like a vitamin for your emotions.

I gave some Cosmos to my roommate, and she lucid dreamed. I haven't experienced that yet, but I have some ideas for my dream world adventure when I do.

I double-dosed MIND today instead of the recommended single dropper. Whoopsie. Felt like I saw everything in high def. The colors were sharper, sounds more defined. Got a looooot done!

I'm still waiting for LUN to come through with that cumulative effect like the rest. Standby. 

Day 20: 

Had my first lucid dream…ever. I actually got to fly and everything. I'd get Soul Drops again just to be able to lucid dream.

SOL is going strong. Feeling sharp.

Every day is a good word day now—no more of that tip of my tongue feeling. No fogginess either.

MIND has all but replaced my mid-afternoon coffee. I occasionally still take those super doses of MIND for big deadlines.
(Not for the faint of heart.)

I'm realizing now that I've gone running almost every day since starting to take Soul Drops. Not sure if it's from the drops or what.

Overall, I'd say my sleep has improved, the lucid dreaming is cool, and the focus from MIND is much appreciated. Still waiting on the stress relief from LUN. Definitely happy so far with my sacred plant adventure. 

Day 30: 

Here I am. 30 days of Soul Drops. My month with the sacred plant tinctures ended on a dramatic note.

I got into a big argument and was feeling overwhelmed. I don't want to get into the details of the fight but let's say it was more severe than a who ate the last yogurt argument.

I sat on my bed and took some Lun. I took a bit more than the recommended dosage, and within about 15 minutes, I felt a wave of calm wash over me. It almost felt like a hug from the inside.

It allowed me to collect myself and rethink some things. I even got a chance to reach back out to the person and make amends. We had a much more productive conversation with me in a calmer space. 


I just went through my experience of 30 days using Soul Drops sacred plant elixirs. Didn't feel much on day one. By day five, I felt a nice boost in my mood and was ready for the other tinctures to kick in. On day 10, the Mind formula blew my mind, and I officially will never look at coffee the same way again. By day 15, I started writing down my dreams from the Cosmos tincture, and let me say, very happy I did. Day 20 brought my first lucid dream with Cosmos and the realization that Soul Drops improves your habits!?? No one told me that. By day 30, Lun really started carrying it's weight and brought some soothing magic to my stressful day. Maybe the real Lun was the calm I felt along the way?

The Takeaway:

After 30 days, I can say this wasn't what I expected.
I didn't feel high or like I was on CBD or anything like that. It's different.
Soul Drops felt more subtle, more gentle. Soul Drops made me have more consistently good days.

I was flying high. Not flying high like spring break in Mexico, but flying high like up at 6am, making tea, meditating, calling my mom. Your mom would approve of you taking Soul Drops. I know my mom was happy with me this month.

If you are looking for a high or a distraction from yourself, Soul Drops ain't that. If you want to feel like the best version of yourself, I think these tinctures will do it for you with a little patience and consistency. Taking these drops for the last 30 days didn't change my life. Yes, I made changes, but nothing changes unless you change it, right? I feel like these elixirs were just little helpers on this adventure. They felt like tools in my toolbox. Mind and Cosmos were my favorites, but the cool, calm, and collected feeling from cumulative use of Lun was incredible.

Soul Drops are not for everyone, but those who use these little wonders with an open mind will find a lovely addition to their journey. 

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