Our Spagyric Process

SOUL DROPS are hand-made by Vlada Talan who draws on 20 years of shamanic plant healing and herbalism to infuse them with powerful energy. The unique power of these herbal supplements comes from ancient healing plants sourced around the world combined with a process that maximizes the effects of the plant for safe, effective microdosing.

Spagyric essences

Our spagyric essences are created through a special alchemical process that delivers a stronger solution than homeopathy, simple dilutions and tinctures. Through separation, purification and recombination, SOUL DROPS offer the whole plant for healing. Unlike other products that only offer a diluted mind, SOUL DROPS combines the plant’s mind-body-spirit with all the minerals, salts, essential oils and traditional healing properties. By maximizing the energy of these plants for microdosing, SOUL DROPS can have a profound effect mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Though the drops are less concentrated *chemically,* the potentiation makes them more concentrated *energetically.* Because of their strength, spagyrics are taken in microdose form, meaning only one to three drops are needed to receive the full healing benefits.

Synergizing the mind+body+spirit of the plant with a person’s mind+body+spirit is the secret to holistic healing. From the alchemical point of view there are three parts to a plant – the mind, the body, and the spirit. These three parts can’t be taken out by one process. If you cook, you lose the spirit through evaporation. In order to preserve the spirit of the plant, you need to extract in a certain way through distillation or extraction of the volatile part. This is also the headnote like in a perfume. Virtually every tincture is comprised of the mind of the plant. That’s the watery extract. If you cook something or make a tincture, you only get the mind of the plant. The tincture has no recollection any more of the plant it once was. It has no body. The body is like the DNA of the plant which cannot be extracted easily. Vlada’s staged process involves first extracting the headnote, the spirit, and then the mind. After you extract the other two, you have to incinerate the remaining plant matter into a white ash. This white ash contains the precise ratio of minerals from the fiber of the plant that make up its body. Without these minerals, it’s just a chemical. It’s not a plant essence any more. To ensure we’re delivering the true plant essence, the white ash is washed with water to generate an alkaline solution. Then all three phases are recombined into one to create the ‘plant stone.’ The plant stone is the basis for spagyric essences.