How Can You Use Sacred Plant Elixirs to Enhance Your Focus, Be Free of Anxiety, and Sleep Like a Baby?*

*Even if you've tried other "natural remedies" with no success.

I know what you're thinking...

Sounds too good to be true?

I thought the same thing until I tried it.

So what are Soul Drops exactly?

Let's start at the beginning . . . 

I was at a low point. I felt like I was walking through a fog.

I couldn't sleep, but I felt exhausted.

I was anxious and overrun with negativity.

I just wasn't myself.

A good friend of mine saw the place I was in and recommended something called "Soul Drops."

I did a little research and found out that Soul Drops are sacred plant elixirs, designed to calibrate "mind, body & spirit connection."

I'm generally skeptical about these sorts of products, but I figured it couldn't hurt.

I was willing to try anything at that point.

I subscribed to the Soul Drops Complete Set and began taking the tinctures immediately.

I can't explain it, but within a few days, I felt the weight on my shoulders finally lifting.

I went from living in black and white to living in full color.

A week into taking Soul Drops, my coworkers started saying there was something different about me.

I noticed little coincidences and connections in my favor.

About a month after using Soul Drops, I had a smile on my face for no reason.

I started waking up, feeling gratitude and experiencing an incredibly positive state of being.

When I was writing up emails, my inner world
was doing yoga at the beach.

When I was cut off in traffic, my inner world was enjoying a swim in the ocean.

Soul Drops are 4 powerful formulas that work together:


SOL was like sunshine in a bottle. Nothing could shake this positive, clear feeling.

MIND was like coffee minus the jittery feelings and with no crash. I had to hide it so my friends wouldn't use it all.

LUN helped me sleep deeply at night and released this knotted feeling I had in my throat.

COSMOS was mind-blowing. COSMOS helped me get back in touch with my creativity after years of feeling blocked. COSMOS also helped me lucid dream for the first time.

It's not that Soul Drops created this transformation for me.

I'm too skeptical to believe that some elixirs can make a change for me.

Soul Drops did, however, put me in a frame of mind that changed the course of my life. 

A Huge Leap of Faith

I was so blown away by Soul Drops I reached out to the company directly.

I spoke to their founder Vlada Talan.

Vlada is a world renowned shamanic healer who spent years developing these formulas.

After my personal experience with Soul Drops and talking with Vlada, I knew I wanted to help get the word out about these elixirs.

I took a huge leap of faith and quit my job to come work with Soul Drops.

It's been two years now, and it was the best decision of my life so far.

I would not be the person I am today without these little drops.

That's why I'm writing you this letter to share these one-of-a-kind revolutionary elixirs with you.


Soul Drops are the world's first and only sacred plant elixirs with profound effects.


SOL in the morning to boost your mood and create an unshakable clarity.

MIND throughout the day for clean, sustained motivation and energy.

LUN in the evening to release anxiety and activate the reflective parts of your mind.

COSMOS before bed to vivify your dreams, encourage lucid dreaming, and enhance creativity.

When used together, Soul Drops gently guides you towards better habits, a better mood, and a connection to your true self.

This shift will feel natural and graceful. 

Soul Drops allows you to meet the day with your highest self and embrace the night with your calmest wisdom.


• SOL has Opuntia cactus, Elemi, Ajmoda, and Madhura, so you can have deep clarity and confidence. This means you will feel clear, centered, and sharp no matter what comes up.

• MIND has Gotu kola, Brahmi, and Golden root, so you can enhance your focus and energy. This means you will breeze through work and any daily tasks.

• LUN has Boa vine, Vilcacora, Taheebo, and Wild rue, so you can release stress and anxiety while winding down. This means you will let go of daily stress and get restful sleep.

• COSMOS has Abuelo Sanango, Vilcacora, Taheebo, and Wild rue so you can access your creativity and lucid dream. This means you can connect to your deepest self more easily. 


 -Soul Drops uses none of the typical botanical ingredients you've seen before.

-Carefully distilled using our unique spagyric process from only the purest ceremonial plants

-These microdosing formulas are the first of their kind and one of a kind.

- Hand made in small batches

– Organic

-Ethically sourced





Soul Drops have helped over 25,000 people break free from anxiety, get unshakable focus, and sleep deeply.

Now it's your turn.

Soul Drops users find that they exercise more, meditate more deeply, and laugh more easily.

Soul Drops users even notice their relationships improve.

There are too many benefits to count.

Don't just take my word for it. 

Here are some recent Soul Drops success stories:

"After 2 weeks of taking SOUL DROPS, I'm 100% sold on this stuff. I haven't felt this mentally and emotionally "together" in years. More effective than other remedies I've taken over the years. So glad to have found this, and I recommend it to anyone looking to feel more calm and balanced daily. My second order is on the way!" — Dan S.

"The best decision I have made for myself. I can't imagine life without them now. Thank you for these!!" — Jordan M.

"I was curious about this but was honestly not expecting to have much of a result. On the first day, I put these amazing elixirs under my tongue. I was amazed to have a wave of positive energy come over my whole body within a few minutes. I was not expecting it to work, so I don't think it can be a placebo effect. The effect is subtle but noticeable and lovely. My partner has been commenting on how much more relaxed and smiley I have been lately. After taking it for several weeks, I feel I can see through stressful situations more clearly, stay truly grounded, and have little moments of pure joy bubble up throughout the day. These potions have already enhanced my life so much. Thank you!" - Natalie T.

"Soul Drops" is the perfect name for this product because they work on a soul level. I am experiencing moments of pure joy and aliveness that I haven't felt since childhood. I've tried too many healing methods to even count, so I am beyond impressed at what I am experiencing." — Jill B.

"I've experienced so many vivid dreams and a noticeable uplift. Soul Drops has contributed to my creative outpouring lately. Thank you for making these wonderful synergistic plant allies with your spagyric techniques." — Farrah K.

"Works on a soul level. I definitely feel a shift toward greater joy." — Jill B.

"Verdict is in. Soul Drops are amazing —I had the best dream last night, and I slept wonderfully. Soul Drops are helping me get through a jam-packed workweek without too much stress. Love love love Soul Drops!"— Tina S.

"These are amazing formulations. Thank you for your work!" — Samuel B

"These drops have changed my life!!!!" — Samantha R.


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