Connect with your highest self, 
feel more peace, and let go of stress.

All in this 75-minute 
immersive virtual live event.

What does inner peace sound like?

It sounds like a Soul Drops Full Moon Sound Bath.

Sunday Aug. 22nd 8pm PST

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It's been a rough couple of years, 
and stress seems to be the norm.

That means more sleeping issues, 
anxiety, and panic.

Everyday life can feel like an uphill battle.

That's why we are hosting a one-night-only
 virtual sound bath event on August 22nd.

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"I got an ad for Soul Drops on Facebook and decided to give it a shot, BEST DECISION EVER. I tackle things immediately, head on, without anxiety or procrastination, and my normal triggers don't even phase me. I’m buying a second set for my husband and I’ll take these as long as you make them. Your product is a beautiful gift."

Sarah L.

Verified Soul Drops Customer

This event combines the ancient power of sound healing with the ancient power of sacred plants.

A match made in heaven.

Sound healing and sacred plants go together better than chocolate and peanut butter.

The sound healing is designed to heighten 
the benefits of Soul Drops and vice versa.

That means you will feel even more peace 
and calm than with either practice alone.

Sound healing all by itself is an 
incredible tool to be your best.

But when combined with Soul Drops sacred
 plant tinctures, you'll be on cloud nine. ☁️

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"I wanted to send you a note of gratitude for your Soul Drop product. I began my journey with them one month ago. The insights I have received, and continue to receive, have been nothing less than astonishing. As a professional who tends to be quite analytical and doubting in nature, I cannot adequately express my profound thanks and pleasure in discovering this life-changing tool."

Jamila P.

Verified Soul Drops Customer

Here's what you get 
the cost of admission: 

✅ Expedited delivery of our most powerful 
sacred plant microdosing formula: 
LUN Extra Strength.

✅ A ticket to the 75-minute virtual 
full moon sound healing event. (This means your whole 
household can join if they want!) 

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What is LUN?

LUN contains Boa Vine. 

Boa Vine is one of the most potent and ancient sacred plants out there, so the benefits are no joke.

When combined with specific sound vibrations, a powerful feeling of peace and serenity is achieved.

It can even rebalance your nervous system 
 and serve as an energetic reset.

If you've been feeling extra stressed in this 
crazy time, this event will be a perfect way to recenter, recalibrate, and relax at a deep level. 

How does LUN feel?

It will feel like a gentle inner smile. 

Lightness and warmth will spread through
every nerve, muscle, and fiber of your body.

Any issue you are facing, any stress you 

are feeling, will simply melt away.

And when you open your eyes again, 
those same problems and stressors will 
feel like they are only an inch tall.

You will laugh and surprise yourself with how good you feel and how easy everything is.

That is what happens when you combine 
sound healing and sacred plants into a full moon event.

Sound unbelievable?

Here's what others are saying!

Who is this for?

✅ This is for you if you are stressed, 
overwhelmed, or are just looking 
to reconnect with your best self.

✅ This event can serve as a much-needed pause 
and a chance to do some inner subconscious work.

Still not sure this is right for you?

If you've been looking for a way to get back 
to center in mind, body, and spirit, this is 
perfect for you.

Treat yourself to this event and 
feel good while doing good.

Heck! Even invite some loved ones 
to join you and share the magic.


This event won't be happening again.

This is one night only.

This is a rare chance to experience the full

benefits of sound healing with sacred plants.

We're excited to see you soon!

Cost of Admission


(Full sound bath experience)



Sound healing
event ticket only

Ticket and
sacred plants 

(A match made in heaven)


🎟 🌱

Sound healing event ticket plus 

LUN Extra with expedited shipping


Ticket and 2 bottles
of sacred 

 (To share the love)


🎟 🌱🌱

Sound healing event ticket plus

2 bottles LUN Extra Strength


Sacred Plants + Sound Healing

One night only.